Painless NO NO Hair Removal . . . Did You buy 1 ?? (South West Oxford & N.W. Norfolk County area)

Devonshire , Ave. near Right By the PetroCan , off Broadway St. N. = Hwy 19

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Hi there ! . . No Cell phone or Texting in my life anymore . A Home Landline and emails now Only .
This is all by planned ahead appointments as I'm Still working at other things P.T. ~ Maybe ? for a couple more years ... For all Privately done Female and Male = UNISEX , Full Body hair maintenance - all provided Here Privately & Unrushed .

Are you One of Over a Million people who bought a NO NO Hair Removal System - then shortly after just stuffed it into a drawer or closet ?
<> I'm a Mature white and 100% Proud Canadian Man btw . . And I Like mine so much that I Own 3 of them now for hair removal services provided for Over 6 years now with them .
I have been doing PAINLESS Full Body Smooth Electric only - hair removal for over 30 years tho . But I don't haft to use my NO NO on Myself too much anymore . . " As I'm pretty Good with my personal simple hair maintenance needs now " . . NO RAZOR BLADES ARE USED HERE ladies and gentlemen .
I've been told by many that they really Don't Understand the process of using it . . Aren't dedicated to a regular twice a week regimen for it's 6 to 8 weeks very noticeable results , and the Whole multiple Hair Growing Stages of hair all over our Bodies . . So not mentally invested - They quickly gave up - lost interest , and don't think it works .
<> Waxing and Laser Hair Removal HAS TO BE Repeated Also for Permanent results !!!

IF you bought yours New 3 to 6 ? years ago . . It probably cost you Around $300. to 400.00 with a couple extra replacement heads , the exfoliators , and That GReat Smelling NO NO After Treatment Massaged in Skin Lotion - all Depending on the Size of Tube that you purchased with it . .

For a Very Reasonable Cash Fee now . " Why don't You get in touch with me " . . and We'll Set Up a Very Relaxed and UNrushed Time for you to visit me here and often 7 days a week is possible when planned .
You provide me with 2 or 3 times that works for you . Weekends are often possible also , when simply planned = booked ahead for me to be all Set Up here For You . Then I'll Very Thoroughly Explain and DEMO it using Yours with Yours arriving here " All Charged Up " and The Process then provided for you . So That you haven't Wasted All That Money ! And now Get what you were seeking in PAINLESS All Over Body Hair Removal !!!
Or by all means . . just book it ahead here with me to possibly 1st time try it out with all of My Equipment - IF you haven't bought one yet . All For Your slow and Gentle Hair removal experience .
You possibly invested 300. to $400.00 dollars if you bought one new . So Let's get It Working for you !! Again ~ " NO Razor Blades are used here " All is done much more like Tantric Electric = just Warm Electronic Heat , and it's Painless .

> 7 days a week when Booked Ahead is possible 365 . . Including all Holidays .
> 10:am to maybe 9:pm Closing Time < As for the Better Daytime Lighting hair maintenance assistance . Plus my lights of course when needed . .
* * Only One client here at a time = Totally Private UNISEX <= For Both HER and HIM Hair Services !
> All Hair Maintenance is performed on a Clean , Professional Massage table . Draped or UNdraped is entirely up to You ...
> No shower is needed afterwards as it's all done so Neat and Tidy . Your Hair is all Cleaned up AS we go along .
> Please be Freshly Showered Before you arrive for All your hair removal - with NO Chemicals on the Hair and Skin areas that you want removed !
> Please PLAN a Very UNrushed 1st Time visit Info and Demo session - All For You .

* There's Lots of off the street FREE Private parking here for you at the Rear of the building only . DO NOT Park in the front .
All is paid in cash only . I will quote you Your own Very Rea$onable personal hair removal price up front after I have a peak at all your hair needs 1st = regarding the amount of Hair That YOU Desire To have removed by me as to Your NO NO Info and Demo session . .
Yes I can do Just ' Hair Trimming ' as well with no NO NO work done - to your desired length and artistic Design .
I don't charge by the Hour For Hair removal . . This IS more of a 1st visit Teaching You - Hair and NO NO instruction Info session actually IF you've already bought one ?? . . " So Plan on being here UNrushed ~ It's All For your info and Benefit "
<> No I Don't work For or Sell The NO NO System <>
* ? Maybe you've been Thinking about buying one ? . . Again , after you've All Unrushed - Learnt more about it LIVE here from me , with My Equipment done here 1st ! . . IF you have one - you bring it with you all Charged Up .

<> Sorry , NO SMOKING here Period . And Shoes always Off just inside my door ~ and THANK YOU in Advance !!!!
Your only Job here will be To just - Lay back in 100% Privacy , Watch , Listen and RELAX !!!
HOURS - 10 to maybe 9:pm Closing Time . When planned = Booked ahead is often possible 365 . . .
PS . . . I don't answer the phone or door when with a client on my table . So Always Leave an ALL Private phone or email message anytime . . Or I'll figure it's just another Waste of My Time solicitor - Scammer .
* When your Serious to book ... Provide me the Day(s) that work best For You , and The TIME Of that you'd desire your UNrushed session here .
<> For the 200+ peeps that have already responded to ask . . . Just For your Private area = a ManScape or a WomanScape area done Only - Runs for around $30. to $50.00 ... in cash with no shower included , as I thoroughly clean you up . . . Some people are as hairy as a bear and is why prices vary . Armpits are usually about $5.00 to $8.00 each . . . Again , " Please Always Arrive here Freshly showered "
Now Let's talk about your needs and start to Plan it all ahead here ~ and Unrushed !!!

" Gift Certificates are also still available "

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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